We started The Zilloo T&H back in 2013 from a marketplace, where there are hundreds of sellers already selling their products similar in nature.

Starting Aim and Challenges

The founder of the Zilloo T&H had a passion of starting his own online store, but after extensive research he came to the point that he needed a platform to get response from customers. It was a great challenge for him to reach target audience and get them convinced why to buy from his store. We as a team took the challenge to prove ourselves best among others. Where everyone claims to have the best product line, and have a long list of positive reviews, we started our business to beat them all with our best quality of products and services.

Our Strategies

We selected our suppliers carefully who manufacture best jewelry tools, instruments, and all other items which meets the customers’ requirements. We penetrated with comparatively less price with fastest delivery means at popular marketplaces, eg eBay and Etsy.

Obviously, it was very hard for us to maintain our store without or very low sales in first year, but we were passionate. Those customers who bought our products, responded overwhelmingly; we were happy that we are on the right track to satisfy our respected clients. We kept spreading our words on the internet to prove ourselves.

Response from the Customers

Accordingly, in the second year we started getting queries, but still there was no a good comeback from customers because they needed trust of reviews, which we had not generated yet, because we had no significant sales in our first year. We kept responding the queries of the customers passionately for the next six months.

At last, our hard work for one and half year started yielding in shape of small orders. Our customers responded awesomely, and we started to augment our store. Where we started with very few products, now we have vast choices for our customers.

The things came around and now, we are among the best hobby tools and instruments sellers on the web.